‘Lieverd’ (‘darling’)

Hi M&M’s!

You did bad if I never called you a ‘lieverd’ or ‘schat’ (aka: darling and sweetie) in the past. I really loved to say that kind of things and I think it was a habit of me. My friends were used to it and didn’t even look suprised. My classmates were always a little bit suprised when I called them darlings. But that was just a matter of time. Yet, it is not like I feel at ease when boys call me like this. I can’t stop thinking about what he meant by saying it. Did he mean it? Or was it just a funny thing? Continue reading “‘Lieverd’ (‘darling’)”


Hi skittles!

I honestly have never been in “love”. Ofcourse I have had that primary school thing, “gossiping” around who liked who. But to be clear, it was never about me. I was the girl reading Donald Duck. The only one that prefered reading above gossiping. By the way, I’m still having those “nerdy” things. This all doesn’t declare why I wasn’t involved in “Psst, Megan likes Tom” and I don’t think I have ever placed my question marks there, but know I do.  Continue reading “Love”