Sarah and Bo | Chapter one

It’s busy in the train. We have to push ourselves between the other travelers. While we stand there, I lean against you and your head rests on mine. It is not that I’m not used to it, but every day again, it drives me insane sometimes. At the next stop, the train flows emty and full again. But we have found a sit for the two of us, next to each other.  Continue reading “Sarah and Bo | Chapter one”

Just like I am

You sitting there in front of me, your eyes pricking in my eyes, talking about the most normal things, but still does it feel different with you. It is weird how we can have conversations about things that bother not either one of us. It doesn’t matter where we talk about if it is just us, together. How you look at me, your smile, your eyes and your weird faces. I feel safe with you. Continue reading “Just like I am”


Hi skittles!

I honestly have never been in “love”. Ofcourse I have had that primary school thing, “gossiping” around who liked who. But to be clear, it was never about me. I was the girl reading Donald Duck. The only one that prefered reading above gossiping. By the way, I’m still having those “nerdy” things. This all doesn’t declare why I wasn’t involved in “Psst, Megan likes Tom” and I don’t think I have ever placed my question marks there, but know I do.  Continue reading “Love”