Hi Lollies!

I discovered that I am writing a lot about just one person. Someone I don’t even know that good, but that person just takes a lot of space in my daily life, now I did got a new class. You’ll understand me by saying that when you got a lot of new people around you, you will hang out with the one you know. So that’s the reason. But really, there happens a lot more in my life. Don’t be afraid.  Continue reading “Creativity”

Time is calling

Hi Cinnamon Almonds!

Sometimes, it’s is just time for something. You reach a point in life and you know that will be the moment. The moment to break all the walls that are standing in your way. It can also be time to build a wall. To open or close a door. All of us are reaching that kind of moments in life. But we all react in our own way. Some people just do it, other people do think about it and some people do not even consider it. I’m all of them, but than just in one. Continue reading “Time is calling”