Just like I am

You sitting there in front of me, your eyes pricking in my eyes, talking about the most normal things, but still does it feel different with you. It is weird how we can have conversations about things that bother not either one of us. It doesn’t matter where we talk about if it is just us, together. How you look at me, your smile, your eyes and your weird faces. I feel safe with you. Continue reading “Just like I am”

Do you know?

Maybe, I like him more than I want to. I don’t want to fall in love with someone that doesn’t fall in love with me. But what can you do about it? I don’t even know whether he loves me or not. I shouldn’t make a fuss about it. Just relax and be myself. Stop fooling myself and just be honest. That touch of him and those twinkling eyes, do not mean anything special. Probably he looks to everyone like this. And what does it matter? I don’t even like him, mm? Continue reading “Do you know?”

‘Lieverd’ (‘darling’)

Hi M&M’s!

You did bad if I never called you a ‘lieverd’ or ‘schat’ (aka: darling and sweetie) in the past. I really loved to say that kind of things and I think it was a habit of me. My friends were used to it and didn’t even look suprised. My classmates were always a little bit suprised when I called them darlings. But that was just a matter of time. Yet, it is not like I feel at ease when boys call me like this. I can’t stop thinking about what he meant by saying it. Did he mean it? Or was it just a funny thing? Continue reading “‘Lieverd’ (‘darling’)”

Time is calling

Hi Cinnamon Almonds!

Sometimes, it’s is just time for something. You reach a point in life and you know that will be the moment. The moment to break all the walls that are standing in your way. It can also be time to build a wall. To open or close a door. All of us are reaching that kind of moments in life. But we all react in our own way. Some people just do it, other people do think about it and some people do not even consider it. I’m all of them, but than just in one. Continue reading “Time is calling”