Two options in life

Hi Twixies!

A couple of days ago, I was going home with the train. Nothing weird, because it’s something I do every weekday. Everything went good, until the moment the train stopped, in the middle of a bridge. Water on the left side of the bridge, water on the right side and water below me. A technical problem with unknown duration. It took sometime, but after 15 minutes we continued our journey. Until the moment the train stopped again.  Continue reading “Two options in life”

Difficult social situation

Hi Donuts!

I will ‘fall in the house with the door’ as we say ‘get straight to the point’ in Dutch, about this: I’m not really a social person. Not that I don’t like people, I only dislike groups of people I don’t know. In that kind of situations I just don’t know how to act. More and more I’m facing those situations. Of course I try to avoid those, but that’s not always possible. In this blog, I will give you piece out of my daily life and I would love to hear what you should do.  Continue reading “Difficult social situation”

Bare feet in the supermarket

I’m working in a supermarket and last time I was sitting behind the cash desk. I was having a costumer who walked barefoot. As a cashier, you see a lot of weird things. Living near Rotterdam, I’m used to see even more weird things. But this was the first time I was having a customer who was bare feet. Wasn’t he having shoes? Maybe his shoes were pinching? Or maybe he just forgot putting on his shoes? It’s all possible. Continue reading “Bare feet in the supermarket”

Time is calling

Hi Cinnamon Almonds!

Sometimes, it’s is just time for something. You reach a point in life and you know that will be the moment. The moment to break all the walls that are standing in your way. It can also be time to build a wall. To open or close a door. All of us are reaching that kind of moments in life. But we all react in our own way. Some people just do it, other people do think about it and some people do not even consider it. I’m all of them, but than just in one. Continue reading “Time is calling”


Hi skittles!

I honestly have never been in “love”. Ofcourse I have had that primary school thing, “gossiping” around who liked who. But to be clear, it was never about me. I was the girl reading Donald Duck. The only one that prefered reading above gossiping. By the way, I’m still having those “nerdy” things. This all doesn’t declare why I wasn’t involved in “Psst, Megan likes Tom” and I don’t think I have ever placed my question marks there, but know I do.  Continue reading “Love”