Sarah and Bo | Chapter one

It’s busy in the train. We have to push ourselves between the other travelers. While we stand there, I lean against you and your head rests on mine. It is not that I’m not used to it, but every day again, it drives me insane sometimes. At the next stop, the train flows emty and full again. But we have found a sit for the two of us, next to each other. 

Your hand is on my leg and we both know where we have to talk about, but we both don’t know how to start the conversation. We are so close to eachother, but also so far away. I look out of the window, the trees fly by. I feel your eyes looking at me, but when I turn around, your eyes turn away. ‘Maybe this is not the place to talk about it’ I say, looking around to all the people around us. Your eyes catch mines and they tell me you agree.

I feel your eyes burning in my back, while I try to pay attention to the production process of chocolate that our teacher tries to explain. I just can’t concentrate. I exactly know what friends think when at lunch I take place on the otherside of the table than you are. I feel them thinking and exchange their thoughts, when I can’t hear it.

After another four hours of boring stuff, I’m done with overthinking. ‘We need to talk now’, do I tell you. You look suprised, ‘Sarah, it can wait till the end of the schoolday?’. You see my decisive face and know that I can’t wait longer. We skip the last class and walk to the park.

I can’t hold it any longer. ‘When did you do it? and in god’s sake, why?’ My eyes are full of tears and my voice doesn’t sound like mine anymore. ‘Why Bo?

To practise my English,  I am trying to write a fictional story about Sarah and Bo. This is the first chapter, but when other chapters are published, the stories can be found under the category ‘Sarah and Bo’.


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