‘Lieverd’ (‘darling’)

Hi M&M’s!

You did bad if I never called you a ‘lieverd’ or ‘schat’ (aka: darling and sweetie) in the past. I really loved to say that kind of things and I think it was a habit of me. My friends were used to it and didn’t even look suprised. My classmates were always a little bit suprised when I called them darlings. But that was just a matter of time. Yet, it is not like I feel at ease when boys call me like this. I can’t stop thinking about what he meant by saying it. Did he mean it? Or was it just a funny thing?

I’m really good at doing stupid things. It is nothing new for the people around me, that I can let things fall out of my hand and say things that doesn’t make sense, while I know it doens’t make sense. So for me, it is nothing new when people give me that kind of look saying ‘you know what you just said?’. But it is new for me a boy calling me a darling.

It gives me a weird feeling, because I do like to have that boy aroud me. He is a friend of mine and we do have a lot of fun. We do have that kind of eye contact sometimes, that are saying things. Like, when we are with someone that we both think is anoying, than we do exchange very meaningful glances. We do understand each other.

But that is for me not a reason to call me a darling. I don’t know a lot of boys calling just friends like this. Besides, I don’t even know whether he is falling for boys or girls. Maybe he isn’t into girls and am I making a fuss about nothing at all.

This time I didn’t react to it. I just did the things, like I would do them too if he didn’t call me like this. But that was because I realized it later on. I don’t know how to react when he would call me like this again.

How would you react?


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