Tea and soda

Hi Muffins!

I’m not a coffee drinker, you could call me a tea addict. To be honest, I have never drunk coffee, only the smell of coffee makes me feeling sick. So I never drink coffee and probably I will never do. I grew up with parents not drinking coffee and only one grandfather that drinks coffee. In my family neaby everyone is only drinking tea. And it is not like, that we drink just one glass of tea a day, no, we drink tea the whole day. 

Tea and soda

We start our day with a tea or maybe two or three. Than we have ‘coffee break’ where we drink tea and maybe some more than one. When we lunch, we drink tea. With our second ‘coffee break’ we drink tea and in the evening we drink a lot of tea. It nearby starts to sound like a waste of water, doesn’t it?

I’m not drinking any soda. I don’t like it and my mom never gave it to me and always told me that soda wasn’t ‘drinkable’. So maybe I would like soda, if she didn’t told me that kind of things. On the other hand, I love fruit juices with cranberry, raspberry, pomegranate and lemon. By the Lidl in the Netherlands, they sell ‘blood orange juice’ and that’s so yummy! And the best thing about this juice is, that is doens’t contain anything else than blood orange.


Through my study, I am aware of all those bad and good things that comes with nutrition. I know what does E-numbers on packages mean and they aren’t all bad for you. But I also know that there are a lot of additions to nutrition that are bad for you. I don’t like food with things in it that are added for the flavor or texture, like soda is. I love ‘real’ food, but is that achievable, in a world where water gets scarce and the climate is changing?




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