Hi Lollies!

I discovered that I am writing a lot about just one person. Someone I don’t even know that good, but that person just takes a lot of space in my daily life, now I did got a new class. You’ll understand me by saying that when you got a lot of new people around you, you will hang out with the one you know. So that’s the reason. But really, there happens a lot more in my life. Don’t be afraid. 

Creativity isn’t something I got from my parents or someone else. I’m not creative at all. I love practical things without a lot of ‘poespas’ (again: as we say in Dutch). Yesterday I got a lesson ‘creativity’ and we had to do a couple of things there. We had to close our eyes and think of going from A to B (is that something we only say in Dutch?). While everyone was thinking about that, our teacher was walking around and saying things like ‘how and what do you feel?’ and ‘do you hear something?’. It was a little bit like meditating.

After this short excercise, she asked who did go from A to B and I was the only one that wasn’t able to ‘feel’ it. To be honest, I was sitting there, with my eyes closed, thinking if there would be anyone in the classroom who was doing this seriously. As it turns out, I was the only one, not doing it seriously.

According to my teacher, it was because I didn’t train the left side of my brain. So when I would practise, I will be able to do this kind of things too. But maybe it just isn’t my kind of thing. I prefer being in reality, instead of dreaming the whole day.

It did also amaze me, because, to be honest, I do make a lot of fictional stories in my head. When I’m trying to sleep, I’m always daydreaming about the most weird things. Inventing how my life will be if I did ‘this or that’ (this is a really Dutch speaking, isn’t it?).

Do you think you could take an excercise like this serious? 


1 thought on “Creativity”

  1. It could be serious, but not everyone is in the mood to go to a ‘special’ or ‘better’ place to feel happy and to forget everything for a while. I think one person goes to a really crazy place and the other one thinks the whole excercise is crap. So it’s not weird that you weren’t feeling it, maybe it was because you had to think of something, well normally your in your own world without everyone around you. I think that is the main reason

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